The sailing trip of your dreams

From Kuressaare harbor

If you have not found your favorite among the travel options we offer, let us know
your dream destination and we’ll see what we can do. Only the sea is our limit,
everything else can be arranged.

Our captains have sailed in both the Arctic and Antarctica, so hardly any place
seems impossible for us. If you do not have much experience at sea yet, we
recommend you to gain your sea miles within the Baltic Sea.
It is also very nice to visit various summer events with a yacht, especially those on
the small islands.

We will be happy to take you to the venue!



Sõru Jazz

16-19.06 Hiiumaal Sõru sadamas

Ruhnu jaanituli

23.06 Ruhnus


Kihnu Mere Pidu

8-10.07 Kihnu sadamas

Sõru Saund

28-30.07 Sõru sadamas


Kihnu - Ruhnu mängud

8-10.08 Ruhnus

RuhnuRahu festival

19-21.08 (broneeritud)


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