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Explore beautiful Estonian islands onboard sailing yacht Sophia!

Departing from Kuressaare

Yacht Sophia



Wondering what to do on your summer holiday in Saaremaa? Have you ever thought of visiting the beautiful island of Abruka, which is only an hour’s sail away from Kuressaare?


Since the island is far from the mainland, not even many Estonians have visited Ruhnu. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why it is called the Pearl of the Livonian Gulf.

Purjereis Gotlandile


In the middle of the Baltic Sea lies the picturesque island of Gotland with the capital Visby, which you simply must visit at least once in your life.

Baltic sea coas, beautiful beach

Coast of Latvia

We invite you to explore the coast of Latvia with our yacht. We recommend sailing to Latvia with a short stopover on the island of Ruhnu...


The sailing trip of your dreams

If you have not found your favorite among the travel options we offer, let us know your dream destination and we'll see what we can do. Only the sea is our limit, everything else can be arranged.

Sunset trips from Kuressaare harbor

Spend a lovely afternoon under the sails with friends. Whether you are organizing a surprise for your friends, celebrating a birthday or just want to have a different kind of warm-up party...

Purjesõidu praktika

Sailing practice

You just got your boating licence, but you lack practical experience? We offer you the opportunity to gain your first sailing experience under the guidance of our experienced captains.


Check which dates are still available for your trip!

Yacht Sophia

jaht Sophia

Sophia is a seaworthy, well-equipped and comfortable vessel – “Dufour 40”, which can accommodate up to 10 people on board in addition to the crew. The yacht has a galley, refrigerator, toilet, washing facilities, 8 berths – 6 of which are in three private cabins. You will feel comfortable and safe on the yacht. An adventure is guaranteed!


Our skippers

Saaremaa has been known for its maritime traditions and famous sailors for centuries. On the yacht Sophia you will be taken out to sea by experienced skippers from Saaremaa.

Kapten Priit Kuusk

Skipper Priit

Priit – a man who has been involved with the sea and sailing for more than 30 years. As for his adventures in recent years, he was one of the crew members of the sailing ship Admiral Bellingshausen, which visited Antarctica in January 2020 as part of the “Antarctica 200”. He served as a helmsman-mechanic on the yacht for five months.

In 2021, he sailed with Admiral Bellingshausen as captain on an Arctic expedition visiting such exotic destinations as Spitsbergen, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, covering 10,000 nautical miles in five months…

Admiral Bellingshausen, with Priit as captain, is said to have come closest to the North Pole of all Estonian yachts and sailed over 80 latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. With Priit, there is never a dull moment at sea – good humor and adventure stories from the North and South Poles are guaranteed.

Priit also works as a commodore of Saaremaa Sea Sports Society, so it is safe to say that in his veins flows not blood, but sea.

Kapten Mihkel

Skipper Mihkel

Despite his young age, Mihkel has considerable
experience at sea. He started sailing at the age of 6 in Saaremaa, so he already has almost 20 years of experience at sea and many nautical miles under his belt.

Mihkel graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy of Tallinn University of Technology with a major in ship management and currently works as a helmsman on the icebreaker Botnica.

In his younger years he was a successful sailing athlete, competing for podium places in Optimist, Zoom8 and Laser 4.7 classes. In addition, Captain Mihkel began offshore sailing at the age of 13 and was named the youngest captain of the Muhu Väina Regatta in 2013, 2014 and 2015. He was only 16 years old when he was first awarded the title in 2013.

Accompanied by his witty humor and clever storytelling, Captain Mihkel brings all guests of the yacht Sophia safely to their destination.

Kapten Mihkel

Skipper Indrek

Indrek has been a lover of the sea as long as he can remember. He started sailing as a young boy in Saaremaa and as an adult continued his maritime education at the Maritime Academy.

Every day he is at the helm of larger ships and works as captain of the icebreaker Botnica. In 2020, he captained the yacht Admiral Bellingshausen for the expedition “Antraktika200”, organized to commemorate the anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica.

Indrek also likes to spend his free time by the sea. He has participated in many national offshore competitions, both as captain and crew member.

Indrek’s extensive experience at sea makes him a fascinating and educational companion, whether you are a novice or a seasoned sea enthusiast.

Let the wind take you!

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