The island of ancient legends

In the middle of the Baltic Sea lies the picturesque island of Gotland with the capital Visby, which you simply must visit at least once in your life. The former Hanseatic city of Visby is rich in medieval beauty, but also full of life.

In summer, Gotland hosts countless events. One of the most popular is the Week of Medieval Days, when the streets are filled with medieval atmosphere, historical clothes are worn and fairs are held. There is also plenty to do on Gotland even outside of Visby: visit various beach
villages or the island of Fåroe on the northern tip of Gotland, enjoy the beautiful sea
view or taste the local delicacies.

The shortest sea route from Estonia to Gotland is from Saaremaa. Sailing to Gotland by sailboat gives a whole new dimension to visiting the island. The sailboat trip from Kuressaare to Visby takes a day, during which those interested can deepen their knowledge of seafaring or simply relax and listen to the lapping waves of the Baltic Sea.

To someone who is not used to sailing, the trip may seem long, but passengers can spend the night in a comfortable cabin and do not have to worry about getting there. However, do not forget that the sunrise is the most beautiful when viewed from the sea…

Day 1

Packing the provisions into the yacht, we release the boat from the mooring and the journey can begin

Day 2

Arrival in Visby. Sightseeing, cafes, museums and churches in Visby.

Day 3

Island tour and visit to the island of Fåroe (if you are interested we can help with the organisation, not included in the price)

Day 4

Packing our things and heading back towards Saaremaa.

Price 2400€

The price of a 4-day trip for 6 passengers


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