The pearl of the Gulf of Livonia

Since the island is far from the mainland, not even many Estonians have visited Ruhnu. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why it is called the Pearl of the Livonian Gulf. The main attractions on the island are the wooden church, which is considered the oldest preserved wooden building in Estonia, and a lighthouse with a unique metal construction.

Besides that, Ruhnu has a beautiful long coastline with unique “singing” sand and, of course, the local residents, who are friendly and full of surprises. In addition, Ruhnu hosts many exciting events during the summer months.

Day 1

Start from Saaremaa in the morning. Sailing time 6 hours. We reach Ruhnu around noon and have some time to get to know the island.

Day 2

Island tour or a hike. Harbour party.

Day 3

The captain serves pancakes in the morning. Around noon we start the return journey to Saaremaa.

Price 1500€


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